Dawson Ramirez Pediatrics

2018/2019 Flu Shot Information:

9/12/2018 - We will be giving flu shots this year on Wednesdays and Thursdays during regular shot hours (9-11 and 2-4) BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  We are getting partial shipments every couple of weeks.  We will only make appointments when we have the vaccines in stock, that way we can keep track of the inventory.  We will also be giving flu vaccines at scheduled well checks, if desired, and assuming we have them in stock.  We expect to get some flu mist as well, but are told those won't be shipping until sometime in October.   

9/19/2018 - We received another shipment of flu vaccines late this evening and will be scheduling appointments for Sept. 26th and 27th.  

10/19/2018 - We have flu injections and flu mist available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call to schedule an appointment.  

Oct 28/2018 - Our flu shot appointment slots are currently full until the week of Nov 5th.  We will be scheduling these for Tuesday - Thursday, by appointment only.  We do not have shot hours on Mondays or Fridays.